My Poetry

All my poems are as of now are put up.  I hope you enjoy them, this is all new to me, so the quality may not be the best. But, I am looking for feedback. 

This poem was accepted in a poetry contest, and will be published in a volume of the poetry collection: "From a Window."

 “The American Dream”

Every day the time creeps by,

Counting the minutes until the work is through.

The American Dream is killing the guy.

He thinks back upon the days he grew,

Dreaming of wealth and women, he now felt dry.

Thinking of his family, he was sucked in deeper,

His fantasies of riches fled, as he grew weary,

Of the monotonous days of the broken ladder.

He was promised so much, in the beginning.

Now that he’s wise, he knows the truth,

He will never be a CEO, a leader of men

Every day the man puts on the suit

Every day he wears his mask,

The stress, the pain; he wants it to end.

The American Dream is killing us all.

 “The Real Feeling”

Creation was meant to satisfy,

Through the duration, we all survived.

Chances in time are fleeting,

And the world feels like its drowning.


People are breathing and the world,

The world is losing its touch.

The world is falling apart.


The thoughts of a once-great man.

The timid features of the scared man,

Hide the scars that lay deep inside.

He struggles to survive, hoping to die.


Hoping to live, He’s lost in his mind.

He takes his breaths, and lives his life.

Never feeling the true life, the real feeling,

The man’s life is empty, he just hopes to live.

 “History Repeating”

The worker bee hurries,

As the queen worries.

Like the underlings rush,

As the politicians hush.

The intensities of the world,

Seemingly more and more bold.

The everyday man,

With his everyday plan,

Has no idea what’s in store.

After the end, he’ll want no more,

Of this crazy little thing,

We like to call the War Machine.

 "The influence on Many"

The bottle followed him around,

Like the sun to the skies.

He spit like no other,

Always giving him lost words.


The man with the lip,

Made it oh so enticing.

But the resulting cancer,

Made it so engrossing.


He would do it every day,

Until he could do it no more.

He made his habit known,

Like the characters of before.


When the boys saw the thing,

They had no clue what to do.

To try it, they say,

Was the best thing to prove.


The history of their fate,

Is told from the man,

So addicted to what he thinks is life,

The rest are lost in the path of lore.


Once addicted, always addicted,

And that’s the way the cards played out,

And that’s the way the world pays out,

Every day a struggle to deny,

The temptations of many, the vice of one.fted Life"

A boy with a gifted life,

Gave little care to the deals he dealt.

Left little for those behind him.

Afraid of so much, and unprepared.

He drew from his strength and survived.

When even he wanted it to end,

He finished his curse all the way through.

People will look at his gifted life.

Marvel at this privileged boy.

But he looks at everyone and fears.

Fears to be them, and fears to be him.

"Gifted Life"

A boy with a gifted life,

Gave little care to the deals he dealt.

Left little for those behind him.

Afraid of so much, and unprepared.

He drew from his strength and survived.

When even he wanted it to end,

He finished his curse all the way through.

People will look at his gifted life.

Marvel at this privileged boy.

But he looks at everyone and fears.

Fears to be them, and fears to be him.

"Catching the Wave"

The boys try to get their feelings out.

Talking, writing to do what they can.

They walk around with no clout.

Doing things to maybe get a fan .

The night is like a savior,

To the days filled with heartache.

They hate the daily behavior,

The process of give and take.

Oh how they miss the good old days,

Back when they loved their lives.

When things were easier in so many ways.

Now they face only struggle and strife.

They search for an outlet for the pain,

But their minds are clouded with rain.

How Did This Happen?

How did this happen?

We used to be so close, 

Now were on the verge of the end.

You feel more like a ghost,

Than the girl you used to be.

We are the same person,

But too much of a good thing

Is just that, too much

Its hard to say goodbye,

But the timing is all off.

This may not be the end,

But were doing this all wrong 



The child guesses at behavior

Happiness is faked, in the face of danger

How will he survive at home?

No one knows the struggles he's against

The times he's all alone,

Are some of the worst he's had.

His thoughts fight with him

He's lost in his mind

Maybe oh maybe this boy,

Will be able to feel the feeling

That his friends know so well

True happiness is all he wants 


 The people fear the price,

It fills their thoughts.

The pain is in their wallets,

And it is in their minds.

The lifeblood of America,

Being treated  like a street drug.

The drug dealers are fat cats,

As the men get richer and richer,

The rest of the people get poor.


The stars in the skies are limitless,

The vastness of space, immense.

The possibilities of life are endless.

The chance to dispense probes in space,

In attempt to find another race,

Leaves with an endless freedom.

The knowledge left in the universe, 

keeps man hunting the answers, 

To the questions so often asked.

The possibilities are endless.


He stays awake,

While the world sleeps.

Contemplating  the stakes, 

Of the daily leaps,

Thinking of the choices he's made.

Trying to make sense of the world,

The boy decides the life he trades,

The security of her, or the fun of others.

He loves her but the timings wrong.

What can he do?


The typical boy,

In his typical life,

Was a Typical toy,

With a typical knife, 

It was a typical day, 

With a typical start,

But this typical day, 

Ended in an untypical way.

               “The Dance”

The words of a woman,

The loss of a mother.

Brought together by music.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Because she does now,

After that fateful dance,

And five little words,

“I Love You My Baby”


Your words cut like a knife,

Your actions make me scared.

The feelings you give me full of strife,

It seems like you forget what we shared.

I’m afraid of losing you,

But you leave me no choice.

If you cant be nice to me,

If we cant talk civilly,

I can’t be with you.

I love you more than anything,

But out timing is all wrong.

Our days may be numbered baby.


My passion is clear,

I want to be a writer.

My poetry is un-rhythmic,

As it rarely flows the way it should.

I read other’s work and they have such talent

Nervous I won’t make it,

I struggle to do the best I can


The hustling, bustling speed of the city,

People rushing, racing each other all day.

No one takes time to stop and look, the pity.

To look at what we built, how the bays changed

Beauty in every road, every building and sign

The natural sights are growing slim

Skyscrapers rise taller than mountains

The natural lighting is growing dim

We trade waterfalls for fountains

The nature of humanity is  to grow

People of old are longing for the past

Traffic hugs sharp turns like young rivers flow

The progress of humanity moves fast

Humanity is alive. Humanity is beauty.


Thinking back to the time we spent,

The memories that  will last forever.

In the ocean of your eyes, I dreamt.

It feels like it the start of an endeavor,

One that will work in my favor.

With her by my side, I can finally have fun.

I need her guidance, she is my savior.

The memories eclipse, like the moon to the sun

The girl that saves me, eclipses my soul


The ground shook like never before

Towers swayed and bridges buckled

The people around were unaware,

Of the wall of water in the air

The power of nature so pure and evil

Thousands dead in seconds

Only for the rest to be killed slowly

By man-made troubles

The people will never be the same


The man looked deep into himself,

He saw a man with no control.

If a drink passed his eyes,

Or a joint passed his nose,

And he crumbles under pressure.

The man knew he had to stop,

But the temptations continued.

The day he quit, he duly celebrated,

With a special story he just wrote.

He kept writing and found a new vice.

His writing was his drugs,

 And he was stuck again.


You’ve seen the world

The good and bad

From Vietnam to Australia

Made memories, lost friends

You had to get out, it’s okay

You make me want to be the best I can be

But I’m not sure I know how


The days run together,

Like a water color painting.

Hoping for a day with bad-weather,

The sun seems like its staining,

Its brightness is damaging his eye.

The calming of the moon frees him,

Night is the time he wants to buy,

The effect of the drugs dimming him 

In knowing the next nights come,

It brings him comfort and pain.

The decision to enter the slum,

Was what got the addict slain.


Friendship is key in a time of need

The people around you can define you

Make the right choices and you win

Find yourself falling and you fail

Friendship is everything

Loneliness is pain 


He tries to make her smile

He tries to make her laugh

She insists that she’s fine

But her eyes reveal the lies

He only wants her to be happy

And make her day the brightest   


 “The MC”

At a time when humanity was at a crossroads

One man made a change

The world was transformed with one idea

The city that followed had great pride

Until the world got in on the prize

Now the land lay in ruin

Worse than it’s ever been before

And the cure is… there is no cure

                  “Her Eyes”

Your eyes gleam like the ocean in the sunset

Your hair dark like the stallion in your soul

I can’t get enough of you and I never will

You brighten my day every time we’re together

When you smile, I can breathe

And the look on your face tells your soul

You’re an amazing girl and I hope I reach you

I will always love you, ‘till the end

 "Dark Days"

The moment his eyes shut, the deal was done.

He slowly dreamed, as the devil won.

The life of this child was no longer fun,

As the demon approached, in the rising sun.

The young boy dreamt, no idea what he’d done.

The world was now in control of the one.

So fierce, so powerful, and afraid of none.

He owned the boy, like a bullet in a gun,

To do the things no good man would have done.

The thoughts of his childhood had already begun,

And the memories brought back, like a guilty pun.

He thought of losing control, like Attila the Hun,

As he remembered those days, remembered by none.

He felt the whip, of the rising sun.

Urging him on as he wandered by some.

He could no longer feel the pain of none,

He only felt the burning stun.

He was being controlled, he was being won,

By the devil inside him is keeping him alive,

For without that live he would not survive.

"Deep in Thought"

The child looks for guidance.

The man looks for answers.

The child chooses defiance.

The man chooses the wrong cancers. 

The child is thrown in the wrong direction.

The man is sucked into the wrong life.

The child is all ready for the injection.

The man fears the sudden strife.

They know nothing of whats ahead,

While they lay in their comfy bed.


Writing makes the world go 'round.
Writing brings the Earth down.
Writing teaches those all around.
Writing can lead to new ground.
Writing has caused so many wars.
Writing takes us to many places.
Writing has opened up closed doors.
Writing can give us brand new faces.
Writings words can bring us all together.

Writing words can be lighter than a feather. 

 "The Decision"

If I could tell you how I feel,

It would probably hurt you.

It's the last thing I want to do,

But I'm being pulled like a rope.

To stay or go? How do I know?

This decision will not be easy

I don't want you to think I'm sleezy


The words on the page,

From the awkward man-boy,

Flow so freely form the pen.

They speak of pain, and love.

They speak of life, and loss.

He does it to be free,

Free from the stress of life,

Free from the times of hurt.

Only a boy and a book,

The pen flows freely,

As the men-boy opens up

 “Difficult Girl”

You say you love me,

It rarely shows.

I feel like I’m losing something.

Something that makes me whole.

The way you treat me makes me shake,

The way you speak makes me weak.

I try to make you smile,

But all you do is frown.

I try to show how much you mean,

But you act like it’s not enough.

Difficult girl you make me scream.

I hope we don’t end up,

Ending something so good

  “The Modern Soldier”

The soldier marches to war

Did he want to go?

Did he have a choice?

The young man may not survive the day

But he marches onto battle everyday

These are not the battles of the past

With lines of troops, or clear boundaries

This is modern warfare, urban warfare

The enemy can be right next to you

Invisible bombs change lives in seconds

These men are brave, and won’t be the same

  “Mr. Dave”

You knew me before I was a thought

You watched me grow

From a little baby, to an adult

There are so many things to think

When I think of you I get a little blue

I think of the ice creams you’d give me

Every time you saw me you tried to give me something

I didn’t like sweets but I took them anyway

I did it just to make you happy

You were always so nice to me

It made me so proud

Mr. Dave’s house was always a treat

I regret the last months of your life

I never came to see you though

 I thought about it everyday

I was afraid you wouldn’t like the new

me as much as the old

Now I wish to spend  more time with you

There were so many things

Things you could have taught me

Guided me through the hard times

You’ll be in my heart forever

And I’ll always love Mr. Dave


The political system is fragile,
The sides will not budge.
Like a game of tug-of-war,
The fate of the country rests,
In the hands of the men we choose.
But their hands are like a sieve,
letting millions fall through the slots.
To make up their mind is to save the country,
But the bull-headedness leaves us all in wait.
Just hope to survive.


The lovers, fighters, and in-betweens,

All seem to agree on one thing.

The state of affairs is in smithereens

And of all the options to bring,

The way of peace seems most trying,

But it dodges, the destruction and dying


Everyday something new

A new vice to lure the masses

The people eat it up

Becoming more isolated

Now they can't talk to a face

Only if its on a screen

A world connected, as it divides

The information age is here

We'll all lose each other

Togetherness is life



My mood changes with the weather,

Like the moon changes the tides.

The feelings in my heart, like a tether,

My mind has trouble picking sides.

The idea of something else,

Taking up my time and mind.

Arms around me to stop the impulse,

They can’t feel me slip behind.

Im being supported all around,

Still I feel the impact of the ground.


Every day we two must part.

Every day the sorrow starts.

We count the minutes from goodbye,

Until the moment we can say hi.

Our time together is such a blessing,

The time apart, it’s so depressing.

Until tomorrow my sweet princess,

May our dreams be filled with a billion dances.


A woman walks alone

Working late to support the kids

She sped through the night, chilled to the bone

From behind, she doesn’t see him coming

He grabs her, she is in trouble

A local fellow saw the attack

She ran to the scene on the double

He did his job and the man won’t be back


Thinking back to the time we spent,

The memories that  will last forever.

In the ocean of your eyes, I dreamt.

It feels like it the start of an endeavor,

One that will work in my favor.

With her by my side, I can finally have fun.

I need her guidance, she is my savior.

The memories eclipse, like the moon to the sun

The girl that saves me, eclipses my soul

           “Crunch time”

The rush is here, are you done yet?

I wish I could say I was.

So many people working so hard,

Just to pay someone else some money.

To all the accountants of the world,

It’s a day of jubilation.

But, one of sorrow for the rest.

Will they ever come out on top?

Like the days of their youth,

When they’d get their pennies back.

Tax returns bring joy and happiness,

But the filing brings tears and heartache.


A true American icon, a hero.

Helped guide millions in crises,

From World War 2 to today.

Allowing people to be vicarious,

He gave the nation hope,

At a time when they needed it most.

He changed America and has saved lives.

Comics can impact people like church.

     "Strange life"

The times the boy remembered,

From one home to the next.

Making friends along the way,

Seemingly, honestly perplexed.

He did not know, why he was uprooted.

He just knew, the life he’d began to love,

Will be the distant past in a few short miles.

Where he’ll stop, no one knows,

But the change is the same,

New life, more friends, same situation.

The boxes remain packed,

The house never truly full,

The son of a travelling salesman,

Will never be right, he’ll never be close,

This poor boy stuck, in a life he never chose.

 “When You Stay”

Everything happens for a reason,

Or so they seem to say.

I love this type of season,

You come around to stay.


The summer sun is rising,

As I try to fall asleep.

I have trouble in deciding,

I think I’m falling in too deep.


The mad world frightens me,

From the struggle and strife.

Now I think you’re the key,

To my boring, normal life.


Everything happens for a reason,

That’s why I love this season.

This time of year you always stay,

Making all my problems go away.

 "Why Me?"

The young man was hungry,

The young man was innocent.

His clothes were very dirty,

His face showed his fear.

The decisions of his past,

Left him lost to all, a ghost.

He was alone in the world,

Not a penny to his name.

He was oh so trusting,

Maybe to a fault.

He wanted to see the love,

The kindness of Humankind.

So when asked for a favor,

He instantly accepted.

The young man took the bag,

No questions were asked.

When the police came,

The truth came out.

The bag was filled with money,

Dirty from the botched heist.

The young man will never be the same.

As the jail cell slammed, 

And he was locked in,

The young man screamed,

"Why me?"


The boy was happy,

His every whim fulfilled,

But the fun left debts to repay.

His bank account always refilled,

By the man who gave him life.

The debtors kept him leashed,

To this expensive way of life.

His idea of friends tested,

As they cause nothing but strife.

He pays and pays, to get his fix,

They make and make, as he tries to change.

He pays and pays, his money nixed,

The “friends” of the boy, begin to unhinge,

The life of their toy, to start by beating,

They move on to a picture, so incriminating.

This boy now sees his life, how he was cheating,

A quick fix for the stress, non-discriminating.

The time of his life was slowly ending.

If that image got out, he would lose his lifeline,

His only chance to pay for the thing,

The thing that he did not need, but craved.

The men kept him trapped,

With a childhood picture, something depraved,

Left this young boy trapped, in a life he no longer craved.

 "Proven Guilty"

The responsibility was known

The culprit was long gone

A country in pain,

A people in agony.

So many people lost,

So many lives changed.

The culprit was in hiding.

He isn't hiding anymore.

"Inevitable Loss"

War is inevitable to society.

The means to the end of an ideal.

It causes nothing more than anxiety,

And shows the inability to conceal,

The many children with fallen fathers,

And mothers with lost sons crying.

The soldiers see their killed comrades,

Millions of kids are sent to die,

For the ideals of the safe old man.

"Pity to Praise" 

Time moves on, slowly creeping,

The days go by, one by one.

He spends his days sleeping,

Awake in the night, to be alone.

The words flow from his pen,

Like a mighty river running.

He's not used to the attention.

Those people who read his writing.

They give him praise, 

He's used to pity.


The memories of the forbidden zone,

Will ever outshine the rest.

This new adventure to a new home,

It feels, somehow, like a sick kind of test.

The test to see if I have grown.

Have I at all in this time?

The questions do not feel like my own,

They feel like those for who I rhyme.

I try to impress them but they merely sigh,

“His newest obsession,” they all cry

The memories of the forbidden zone,

Were some of the worst, and best of my life.

“Make Me Warm”

The sun shines

          The birds sing

The time has come to become anew

The bitter frost slowly melts

And the summer sun approaches

Its springtime and life is all around

Picnics and fairs in the town square

People walk around the block

Instead of work around the clock 


Happy people all around

Smiling faces and laughter

But inside there is silence

Only the fear of falling after

The love they felt so vibrant

Thoughts of a future so bright

Until the day he fell silent

Now all he feels is fright

That his sun is gone

To be alone is not alright

He longs for his muse


The moment I saw you, my jaw dropped.

The moment we touched, I lost my breath.

When we first kissed, my heart stopped.

And when you left, I felt like death.

Our love is stronger than a little fight.

By coming back, you made me cheer.

Tonight is going to be the best night.

You make me so happy, I have no fear.

Our time together will not be lost,

As long as you are not full of frost. 


Hard working woman

She lives to please

She drinks to ease

Won’t accept help

She does too much

No time for sleep

She works non-stop

She scares me deep


The father had a mission,

To provide a stable life.

A life for his family, his kids,

He worked day in and day out

Breaking his back and decimating his limbs

Merely to put food on the table for the kids,

He’d work every day to provide for his son.

The most respectable guy I know,

Doing it all for a sense of stability


People are people, not to all

Categories, define us all

Are you rich? Or poor?

The population is lost

All are separate,

All are people

“Categories II”

The differences in the world

All the types of people

The idea of race is fading

And soon, we’ll all be the same


He longs to feel her touch,

She longs to feel his skin.

The ecstasy they breathe,

Harmoniously makes music.

They wish to be nowhere else,

As they feel the power of nature.

The ecstasy they breathe together,

Will be the ecstasy they breathe forever.

 “Thoughts of Love”

The taste of her lips

The smell of her hair

Stuck to him, he smiled

The thought of her face

Made him want to run for joy

The energy she gave him

Helped him get through

Even the toughest times

  “The Secret of the Soul”

Happiness is a feeling

Sacred to all

To truly be happy

You must love yourself

To love yourself

The story begins in the heart

It moves to the brain

The decisions we make,

When they are good

They help our love, keep us sane

They save our souls


Time will continue long after I’m gone

It will remain long after anyone reading this

It keeps us on track for the day,

 As well as measures the age of a person

It is one of the last remaining mysteries

That plague the earth, will we ever know?

Or is this just a useless search

Like when you lose the remote and can’t find it

No matter how hard you look,

Maybe it will be like when you’ re about to quit,

Just to find the answer under your butt

We can only hope


Every generation, is worse than the last

“Those rotten kids” the grey old men would say

It was not “worse,” but different, until now

The new generation of kids has no morals

No values to abide by, no guidance.

Blame it on media, or parenting

But it is the future, and we need to fix it


The trees sway, the air chills

A storm is coming and is will be bad

The lights and sounds of destruction

And it’s the best time I’ve ever had


The sleeping cat,

Carefree and independent

All warm and cozy,

All worries are lifted,

As he hears the crack of the food can

Fulfilling dreams of mice and fish

Such an easy life to live

Happiness is carelessness

And ignorance is bliss

I envy the cat


When I look in the mirror,

What do I see?

A young man, happy and free,

Or a scared little boy

The man is on the outside,

For the outside world,

But the boy screams for release.

Childhood never dies,

It just gets hidden by responsibility

 “The Lay of the Land”

People say they love the outdoors

But they secretly cheat

Barely saving a can

They cry over pollution.

Though accomplishing every feat

We slowly meet our fate

A slow, damaging defeat

Of the  place we call home.

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