About Me

My name is Ryan, and I'm 19 years old.  I am currently a student a Schoolcraft Community College.  Next year, I plan on attending Central Michigan University, where I intend to join the Journalism Club and progress along my quest to become a published, successful writer.  This is my first step and I hope to have a piece in a magazine or newspaper soon.  This is a big wish, but if you can help, or would like to help me along my path, you have my information.  I'm also looking for an experienced writer to help guide me through this process.

 I hope to hear from you,

            Restlesspen (Ryan)

 As you may be aware, students struggle with funds, and some writing competitions cost up to $30.  It is not expected, but if you;re feeling generous, any amount would be so much appreciated.  Thank you so much!  Restlesspen

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